Peter's Pick-Up

 Extract of a Test Report from the Magazine "Guitar Nr.148 Ausgabe 9/12"

The Pick-UP technique for acoustics guitars made an enormous progress in the last 50 years. However it is challenging, to get all strings on an equal acoustic level. The company “Shadow” has attend to this problem.

The guitar-player of the nation is Peter Bursch. He is nearly as long in business as an excellent guitar player as there are pick-up's for acoustic guitars on the market. And for a long time he probably has been annoyed of the fact that the guitar strings were transmitted in an unbalanced way.

In contact with Joe Marinic and his firm “Shadow” Joe promised to help him and to solve this problem. Four years later “Shadow” presents the “Nanoflex 6”. A Pick-Up which leads through each string individual. To make the use of the pick-up not too complex”Shadow” developed a Hex-foot Pedal, a practice oriented extension of the “Nanoflex 6”. This Outboard-solution has the advantage, that neither has to be milled in the guitar nor a battery has to be implemented. With the Hex-Pedal you can tune the sound level of each string.