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Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn

Peter Bursch’s Blues Guitar book!

There is no easier way than learning with CD and DVD! Blues is for everyone whose heart beats higher when hearing music. In Blues there is an enthusiastic feeling of life. This exciting music is the base for the up to now popular music and with it the playing of the guitar, too. In this book I show you the major of guitar playing and disclose the secrets to play Blues Guitar right from the beginning as easy as possible. All examples, songs and exercises I wrote down and explained in detail with the popular tabulator notations – you don't need any note.

Durch spannende Geschichten rund um den Blues wird es dir niemals langweilig. Alle Songs und Übungen sind auf der beiliegenden CD so von mir aufgenommen, dass du sofort mitspielen kannst.
Auf der DVD siehst du mir beim Spielen genau zu – so bleibt keine Frage offen!

"Peter Bursch's Songbook  2 for  guitar"

If you want to play directly and without too much expense popular songs, than this book is the right one for you!

After the great success of the first songbook is here now the second one.



"Children’s songbook"

With this book you will learn with lots of fun and enjoyment many popular children’s songs using easy guitar chords. With songs from television such as the “Augsburger Puppenkiste“, Sesame Street, “Syderhof“, songs from Rolf Zuckowski to classics like  “Die Affen rasen durch den Wald“, “Cowboy Jim aus Texas“,“Die Vogelhochzeit“, Happy Birthday, She’ll be coming round the Mountain, etc. Peter Bursch explains using the most simple terms possible the appropriate playing techniques. With lots of funny stories and pictures. For all those who like to play guitar and sing with children. Including notation and tablature.

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"Fingerpicking techniques for guitar"

With this book you begin to explore one of the most wonderful areas of guitar playing: fingerpicking! We begin with a few easy chords and simplest playing methods. You will learn it all, right from the beginning and as easy as it gets!

I have compiled here for you the most popular fingerpicking techniques from pop, rock, blues, folk and classical music. Whether classical, folk (steel string acoustic) or electric – you can use all these fingerpicking styles with any type of guitar. Includes CD!

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"Beatles for guitar "

At last - the BEATLES GUITAR BOOK, suitable for anyone and everyone. Here you will learn to play the BEATLES songs cool n’easy, right from the beginning. You can start playing straight away from the original recordings as the “fifth Beatle“. Including all guitar licks, melody breaks, solos, strumming and picking techniques used by the Beatles, as well as stories about the origins of the songs. Including CD!
The GUITAR BOOK for every Beatles fan.

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"From nice and easy to pretty tough stuff"
This is the most popular book without notation! Here you will learn to play the guitar right from the beginning, just by ear, feeling and rhythm. With many well known song examples incl. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Scorpions and Rod Stewart. Also for electric guitar. Includes CD.
Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

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"Children’s guitar book"

Playful and humorous introduction into guitar playing. No more boredom!
The first song can be played after only a few minutes! With lots of funny songs, stories and pictures. For all those who enjoy playing music with children without the torment of having to learn notation! All on the CD to play along to!
As easy as it gets!
Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

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"The Christmas songbook"

Peter Bursch has written down every song in such a way, that you can sing and play each one with the utmost ease. Includes all chords and playing techniques. As a special feature a very simple strumming and fingerpicking method is shown for each song. You will also find in part 2 several instrumental versions and extended adaptations to certain christmas carols and songs. If you do not know the tunes of some of the songs too well – or you would like to hear how the songs are played – just put on the enclosed CD containing more than 60 titles. On the CD, Peter Bursch plays them for you as slowly as possible enabling you to simply play along. Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

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"Beatles for guitar 2"

At last, the follow-up to the “Beatles für Gitarre“ book. Here you will learn a further 24 Beatles songs including all playing techniques, licks and solos right from the beginning. Includes CD.

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"Peter Bursch's Songbook for  guitar"

The book you’ve been waiting for! At last, a real groovy selection of easy to play and sing, rock and pop songs. This book contains e.g.. songs of the Bee Gees, Eagles, Metallica, Westernhagen, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Uncle Kracker, Beatles and many more.
All transposed into easily singable keys including all chords and playing techniques. Peter Bursch explains each song as simply and as straight forward as possible. As usual, you will find each song including playing techniques on the enclosed CD to play along to. Without notation!
“Das Songbuch“, the ideal supplement to “Peter Bursch’s Gitarrenbuch“.

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"Rock guitar"

Dead easy, no notation and starting at “rock bottom“. For all rock, hard rock und blues freaks. Including all tips, tricks and obtainable sound effects for electric guitar. Turn your guitar into a supersonic rocket and let it fly!
Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

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Other publications to date are:

  • "Give me an A"
    Sneaky kids lurking on the stairway, deaf grandmas shaking the house with their woofer speakers, and the guitar tutor ruffles his hair. But what’s the proper way to hold a guitar, who will solve the secret of guitar tuning, and what was that darned first chord again? All this and much, much more in Peter Bursch’s first guitar comic.

    Achterbahn Verlag, Kiel .

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  • "From not so bad to pretty tricky"
    Guitar book 2, with many familiar song examples from the pop, folk, rock and blues scenes. To enhance and refine your playing techniques to almost “pro“ standard. With thought, feeling and of course heaps of fun. No notation.
    Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

  • "The folk book"
    A selection of over 100 familiar songs, that are a lot of fun and easy to play. The chords and fingerpicking techniques are explained to each song.. Also included are background info and stories to the origin of each song as well as all matters of importance regarding the guitar and other folk instruments.
    Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

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  • "Rock Ballads"
    A selection of the most beautiful ballads from the history of rock, e.g.: Angie from the Rolling Stones, the Beatles’ While my guitar gently weeps and Purple Rain by Prince. Includes notation and tablature.
    AMA Verlag, Brühl.

  • "Heavy Metal Guitar 2"
    For all those who have already conquered the basics. You will now confront the deeper secrets of Heavy Metal Guitar. Tapping-, Speed-, Solo- and Rhythm techniques. Elaborate fingering exercises. With jet und Harley sounds.
    Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.

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  • "Guitar book for songwriters"
    With over 30 of the most popular titles written by German spoken songwriters such as Reinhard Mey, Udo Lindenberg, Konstantin Wecker. Very easily playable.
    Metropol Verlag, Köln

  • "BAP for guitar"
    In collaboration with Klaus 'Major' Heuser of the band BAP. With all lyrics and chords from their first, to their Live album.
    Gerig Verlag, Bergisch-Gladbach.

  • "SCORPIONS for guitar"
    In collaboration with Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine from the Scorpions.. Notation and tablature for all the important songs.
    Gerig Verlag, Bergisch-Gladbach.
    A German-Turkish songbook for saz and guitar. Includes all important information and playing techniques. With notation and tablature.
    Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.
  • "Home-Recording"
    By Klaus-Dieter Keusgen and Peter Bursch. All about "how I record my own music". From walkman to hard disc recording. Takes the fear out of overdubbing, interfaces, backup systems, sampling, digital recording, effect systems, sound mixers, switching and soldering. Now you can build your own home recording studio, from pretty cheap to pretty steep. Without sound engineer’s gobbledegook!
    Voggenreiter Verlag, Bonn.
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